In early 1947, Weaver Community of South Mumbai promoted a credit co-operative society in the name “Bombay Weavers’ Credit Co-Op Society Ltd. In the year 1951, the above name was changed to “The Jcom Bank” The present management took reins of the Bank as on 3rd January 1989 with two branches, Rs.3 crore in Deposits Rs.2 crore in advances. Bank has grown to 15 branches with over Rs. 520 crores in Deposit and over Rs. 207 crores in Advances. Bank is proud of its large & diverse Clientele which has grown by leaps and bounds with it. Bank has set a Visionary Growth Plan focusing its business strategy on creation of its Staff, Clients as well as Shareholders’ Value. Bank has successfully implemented the Core Banking Solution (CBS). This has resulted in extending Value Added Services to its clientele. Bank now offers ATM, Mobile Banking & Internet enabled services.

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